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  • Multimodal transportation

    Involves delivery of Your cargo by marine, air, road or railroad transportation, as well as using the entire transport infrastructure, be it terminals, consolidation warehouses, ports, airports or something else, which requires the highest extent of coordination from all the participants of the logistics process. Read more...

  • LTL/LCL cargoes

    We offer LCL/LTL cargo delivery from any country of the world by both road and multimodal transportation schemes. Read more...

  • FTL cargoes

    By FTL cargo delivery our specialists offer you speed, prompt solution of related problems, constant information and consulting support. Read more...

  • Additional services

    The complex of the STA Logistic’s services includes also cargo insurance, customs clearance and warehousing. Read more...

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Latest news in our corporate edition.

28 april 2016

STA Logistic’s Legal Department Recognized as Best Legal Department in Belarus

The legal department of STA Logistic Group of Companies became the winner of the III nation-wide contest "Best Legal Departments of Belarus in 2015" in the "Communication, telecom, transportation and logistics services" category.

23 september 2015

Maersk Line: “We see STA Logistic as one of our strategic partners”

One of the world’s largest container shipping industry operators, Maersk Line has been STA Logistic’s Partner for delivering imports from around the world to Russia and other Customs Union countries for quite some time.

2 september 2015

STA Logistic reaching Russia’s east coast

STA Logistic is vigorously expanding into Russian Far East. In response to the growing interest of its Clients to importing goods to Russia through this area, the Company is opening a representative office in Vladivostok.

22 october 2013

IATA urges partnership to revitalise air cargo

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has called on all participants in the air cargo value chain to work together towards the common goals of improved quality, increased efficiency through e-AWB and e-freight and more effective security. Combined, IATA believes these measures will improve air cargo's competitiveness in the face of stagnant demand growth and unfavourable market developments.

19 july 2013

Logistics index maintains momentum

The Stifel Logistics Confidence Index maintained its momentum as the global economy enters the second half of 2013. Compiled by Transport Intelligence, the overall index, which combines the current situation with future expectations, increased 0.7 points from 51.4 in June to 52.1 in July. This is the sixth consecutive month the index registered above the 50 threshold, indicating increasing optimism in the overall European freight forwarding market.

17 june 2013

Emerging markets hold the key to logistics growth

In a global environment where economic growth in the developed world has stagnated, there is little doubt that the major opportunities for manufacturers, retailers and logistics companies lie in emerging markets. However, operating in this diverse set of markets requires a great deal of flexibility to adapt to the shifting dynamics.