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Russia, Novorossiysk, Svobody str., 16A, office 404.

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Principles of operation

Following are the key principles of our operation that differentiate our approach and techniques from those of competitors:

1. Preventive Risk Management
2. Responsibility and Involvement
3. Application of New Technologies
4. Continuous Improvement and Development

1. Preventive Risk Management

Due to a certain legal instability we see it as our obligation to follow all the legal changes and agree all the aspects and peculiarities of any order with our partners prior to executing any such order. This helps us to save a substantial amount of time and finances that are otherwise required if a sudden problem were to occur. Keeping in mind that caution is the parent of safety, we are always prepared to spend a bit more time at the stage of negotiation in order to provide for a more precise and spotless execution of orders.

2. Responsibility and Involvement

This principle is applied not so much in terms of the conscious and voluntary insurance against our professional risks with a reliable insurance company, but rather in terms of clearly stating the aspects of our responsibility, and the amount of our liability in case of neglect or fault in the respective contractor agreements. Besides, when any problems occur, we, together with our partners, are always fully involved in looking for an answer and implementing the solution.

3. Application of New Technologies

Our company uses detailed business-processes with respect to implementing the core and auxiliary services, along with workflow practices that are designed to ensure a timely transmission and registration of all the data in compliance with a single corporate standard. Especially notable in this respect is the implementation of special computer software that not only helps manage corporate resources, but also enables maximum control over execution of each order and provides our customers with information support.

4. Continuous Improvement and Development

While offering and rendering rather standard services that are in high demand today, we are also constantly working to develop new services that would help us increase the efficiency and competitiveness of our customers' business.

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