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Russia, Novorossiysk, Svobody str., 16A, office 404.

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Human Resources Policy

STA Logistic’s human resources policy is aimed at developing highly qualified staff, who can serve our customers in compliance with the standards attributable to customer-oriented technologies. We have developed personnel programs that further achievement of corporate objectives.

STA Logistic’s staff is first of all a team, where every member equally contributes to all the common victories and failures. Commitment, creativity, pro-active approach to life, effectiveness and team work – these are the values that we all share, and expect every new member to respect.

When hiring new employees, we try to provide them with the best conditions to successfully integrate into the team. The company has a well organized and proven adaptation plan for its newcomers.

Should you be interested in joining STA Logistic, please, fill out a form under Vacancies, where you can also find information about the currently vacant positions and respective qualification requirements. If you are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of transportation logistics, but there seems to be no appropriate vacancy for you at the time, please, send your CV to: resume@sta-logistic.by.

High qualification of our staff is one of our competitive differences. Development of the company as a whole is primarily facilitated by personal development of its employees. It is in fact the first priority of every employee to take care over his or her professional expertise and skills, further training and personal enrichment. The company, in its turn, provides each and every one of its employees with opportunities and assistance to support personal development. STA Logistic’s personnel are provided with access to a library full of professional literature and periodicals.  Besides, the company offers monthly corporate seminars and trainings conducted by highly qualified professionals and coaches. If an employee seeks to improve performance and achieve better results, the company is always prepared to cover the training costs, as they are treated as investments into the corporate development.

It is also a long standing tradition at STA Logistic to hold corporate celebrations, sports and entertainment events, which help us to build an even stronger team.

Please see the photographs taken at various training and corporate events under Our Events.

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