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Air Freight

Air cargo transportation is the fastest shipping method providing for reliable arriving and departure times, ‘almost anywhere’ destinations network and reduced exposure to damage as compared to the road and sea transportation modes.  
STA Logistic Group of Companies offers international air freight transportation services combining speed, flexibility, and value. An extensive network of airports and terminals around the globe enable us to deliver your cargo almost anywhere in the world meeting your cargo transportation requirements with confidence and reliability. 

We offer:

  • Air transportation from China, Southeast Asia, Australia, the USA and Europe.
  • Air transportation of oversized goods, temperature-sensitive goods and the cargo requiring special transport conditions.
  • Accompanying documentation handling, obligatory provisional approval of documentation packages.
  • Anytime update on the current delivery status.
  • Delivery arranged to your door upon customs clearance.
  • Custom-tailored approach to every Client.

Advantages of STA Logistic:

  • Rock-solid compliance with delivery deadlines.
  • High level of cargo security and safety from damage during transportation.   
  • The network of destinations covering almost the entire world.

The air freight rates request shall specify:

  1. delivery conditions / any other considerations the tariff shall observe: EX / Pick up / Handling / Airport charges;
  2. point of loading address (when Pick up is required),  with obligatory reference to ZIP code;
  3. origin airport (when available);
  4. destination airport, terminal (if needed);
  5. freight forwarder (for shipments from the USA and Canada);
  6. cargo name;
  7. dangerous / non-dangerous cargo indication (when dangerous – together with a UN number);
  8. weight, volume, dimensions;
  9. cargo packaging;
  10. number of cargo items;
  11. ‘keep upright’ indication, if applicable;
  12. special conditions (temperature mode, time limit, etc.);
  13. tentative cargo readiness date;
  14. desired/required due at destination time.
The specialists at any office of STA Logistic Group of Companies are happy to provide you with any further information that may be required.  We will process your request and present you with several options regarding the available speed vs. cost options.

Principles of operation 

Airline companies do not cooperate directly with importers, since the latter are unable to ensure constant flow of goods. That’s why importers have to opt for the services of freight forwarders in the destination country. An extensive network of agents and consistent order flow enable freight forwarders to ensure full aircraft load and guarantee anytime affreightment. Thus, the freight forwarder undertakes selection of the airline company and handles the whole delivery process.
The airline company provides the freight forwarder with aircraft’s cargo carrying space. It is only liable for the cargo shipping between origin and destination airports.
The freight forwarder in the country of departure undertakes cargo delivery to the origin airport, all the paperwork and accompanying documentation arrangement.
The exporter handles the immediate cargo delivery to the customer.
Despite the interaction scheme complexity, the cost of delivery for importers turn out to be much lower than if otherwise arranged directly with the airline company.
For more information, contact one of our offices, or submit a request at our website.
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