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Groupage cargo delivery (LTL)

To date, groupage cargo delivery across Europe remains one of the most critical transportation challenges. Only established business processes and thorough planning experience of the logistics company can ensure on-time cargo delivery. Hence, we engage only the most highly qualified specialists with over 12 years of experience to handle this kind of delivery services.
STA Logistic offers groupage cargo shipments from anywhere in the world for both Less than Truck Load (LCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) delivery options.

Groupage cargo delivery directions to CIS from Europe:

• Germany;
• Lithuania; 
• Italy;
• Spain;
• France;
• other EU countries.
There are two possible options for groupage cargo delivery from Europe to the CIS countries. According to the first one, the goods are received at the consolidation warehouse located in Lithuania or Poland where cargo consignments are consolidated into a common truck/container to be subsequently shipped to the Client. The second option is immediate cargo consolidation at the consignor’s place and moving it to Lithuania or Poland without transshipments.  

Stages of groupage cargo delivery from Europe:

  1. Goods shipping to the consolidation warehouse on the territory of an EU member state.
  2. Cargo handling at intermediate facilities.
  3. Completing export documents (TIR, CMR) at Lithuania- or Poland-based warehouses.
  4. Elaborating on the optimal delivery route and selection of the transportation mode that is best suited for every freight shipment, consolidation of freight consignments.  
  5. Groupage cargo shipping from Europe to the customs checkpoint, customs clearance.
  6. Cargo shipping to the final destination point.

Groupage cargo time of delivery:

  • from Poland 3-4 days; 
  • from Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania  8-10 days (a 5-8 day express delivery is possible) 
  • from Turkey, Western France, Spain and Portugal 8-10 days

Information provided by the Client for cost estimation:

  • country of origin;
  • point of origin index;
  • cargo character;
  • number of cargo items or volume (with bulk load);
  • indication on cargo stacking;
  • stacking height (with bulk load);
  • cargo gross weight (KG);
  • destination country customs ;
  • point of unloading (when the cargo is delivered to the consignee’s warehouse);
  • temperature mode (for refrigerated goods);
  • ADR class (1-9), UNN number (4 digits), packing group (for dangerous goods);
  • cargo price (to determine whether security guard is required).

Advantages of STA Logistic:

STA Logistic has extensive experience in consolidation and delivery of groupage cargo, as well as a proprietary cooperation scheme with our Partners and important logistics hubs. Established delivery schemes and line regularity enable us to successfully handle ‘just-in-time’ shipments for our clients worldwide.
When handling delivery of your cargo, we:
  • get in contact with the freight forwarder to agree on delivery terms and conditions and specify the quantity and quality of goods;
  • take responsibility for export and customs escort of your cargo;
  • provide our Clients with the required shipping documents (as soon as the cargo has arrived at the consolidation warehouse);
  • provide detailed information on the delivery status, truck tracing and delivery terms.
As soon as the transport arrives at the reception point, we provide our Clients with the detailed report on the cargo delivery route.
The long-lasting relationships with our Partners that reside on mutual trust and respect enable us to reduce financial expenses and facilitate the document flow. We are trusted for our unshakable ability to meet the delivery schedule and comply with the established terms and conditions.

Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping

To handle full truckload (FTL) cargo shipments, experts at STA Logistic deliver comprehensive, all-in-one-solutions enabling door-to-door cargo delivery.

We offer:

  • door-to-door FCL cargo delivery;
  • transportation of dangerous cargo in accordance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR);
  • support with export and customs documentation;
  • transshipment at our consolidation warehouses located in Europe. 
When required, we handle goods labeling and repackaging and arrange the cargo accompanying documentation.

The equipment used to handle full truckload shipments:

  • Tautliners.
  • All-metal load carriers with volume capacity 68 - 120 CBM.
  • Refrigerators preserving specific temperature conditions.
  • Low-tonnage trucks with volume capacity 15 - 40 CBM. 
  • Specialized transport for heavy and oversized load transportation.

We DO NOT offer the following services:

  • bulk cargo shipments;
  • delivery of Classes 1 and 7 dangerous goods;
  • tobacco shipments;
  • shipments containing animals;
  • shipments containing precious stones, precious metals, financial credit instruments and bank-notes. 
Experts at STA Logistic will not just arrange the quickest route for your cargo delivery, but offer the most optimal and cost-efficient shipment solution.  

Our advantages:

  • Personal approach to every Client and ‘one-fits-one’ solutions offering. 
  • Established interaction schemes with our Partners residing in the EU and CIS countries.
  • Freight forwarder optional liability insurance.
  • CMR insurance coverage of all risks of our Partners.
  • Information support.
  • Team of highly qualified experts.
We successfully build long-term business partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.

To get more information, please contact any office of STA Logistic Group of Companies, or request a quote on our website.

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